Saturday, 25 September 2010

Life is a bowl of......neeps

Well, I don't have any cherries, but I do have plenty of neeps (turnips) I have just taken up from the yard.

The colour is amazing, that is why I took the photo - they match my kitchen and would great instead of a bowl of fruit. 

This made me start thinking about marketing tricks used by companies selling their wares.  Many websites and catalogues would describe this colour as "clover" or "hyacyinth" or something lovely like that.

Farrow and Ball do a beautiful range of paint colours (I have used many in my house!) with beautifully descriptive names.


Examples of some of their names are "mouses back", "smoked trout", "pigeon" and "elephant's breath".  However, I don't think though we will find any companies describing any of their colours as "neep" or " turnip"!


  1. beautiful neep-deep colours, and I love your dotty tablecloth too! Purple is my fav colour, oh, and orange too! If you cut neeps in half - wet - apply to lips - great natural 'lipstick'! have a gt w/e x

  2. I am really into anything dotty, and purple! And, I am quite into orange too - some little orange foxes are soon to appear on some new cushions for my sitting room!

    And I must try the lipstick trick with the neeps, I will have enough to keep me going til Christmas! x