Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First Ever Post

I love reading blogs and can spend hours browsing so I thought it was about time I wrote one myself.  My husband has been saying for a while now that he is a computer widower, and blogging won't help!  I am a textile designer working mainly with 100% wool felt.  I love the way it cuts without fraying and its uniform quality.  I make a wide range of products using felt: handbags, notebook covers, brooches, and more recently jewellery.  Have a little look at my website to see the full range and to buy online.

I work from home and find Shetland a very inspirational place to live and work - I am surrounded by beautiful scenery, wildlife and a rich heritage of music and textiles.  I hope to keep you updated on my work, inspiration, and anything else I feel like sharing!

View from my conservatory a couple of weeks ago

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging!! Gt post and phots - can't wait to read more. abby x