Tuesday, 18 January 2011

If it stays still I will paint it

You might recall back in October that I was painting my kitchen units, the doors were lying on the kitchen table getting their treatment. You can see a picture here.

Now it is more or less finished at last (except for the new cooker and taps).

If you look very closely in the picture below you will spot a deliberate mistake - the bottom cake tin is upside down as it still has the remains of our Christmas cake.

The cooker has a brass handle which doesn't go with my new off-white and brushed chrome look, so in the meantime before I get a new cooker, the handle will be covered by a strategically placed dish cloth.  This one was from Rachel Taylor designs, she is a designer and textile artist turning her patterns into a lovely range of of textiles, cards, paper and mugs among other things.  You can see her website by clicking here.

I have my eye on a purple Aga cooker......I'd better get saving!

I used Farrow and Ball paints, the units are Clunch, the walls are Stoney Ground and the facings and skirtings are Hardwick White.

One of my favourite things in the house is the rayburn - a steaming kettle always on top meaning copious amounts of tea!

It all started when I changed the colour of the walls last year, then it was the table and chairs, shelves and then I took on the massive job of painting all the doors, which were originally pine.

Work in progress:

I am really pleased with the results which is just as well as it would be a lot to redo!


  1. It's looking great, well done!

  2. Thanks Peeriemoot, I'm glad to have finished!

  3. Lovely kitchen! glad the tea towel fits nicely too x

  4. Hi Rachael, thank you! The tea towel is perfect, just what I was looking for. The design is beautiful.

  5. That's gorgeous! What a difference some paint makes... Ooh, itching to paint stuff now! x

  6. OOooo a purple Aga. I'd like a turquoise one. Well just any Aga would be nice!!!

  7. Came across your blog while looking for inspiration for my own kitchen (on a budget!) thanks for the photo shares, has given me lots of ideas.