Sunday, 24 October 2010

The week that was - Orders and Otters

It has been a busy week, and the next few are going to get even busier in the run up to Christmas and the Shetland Arts and Carfts Craft Fair which starts on Friday 12th November.  I have been working on trade orders, and have more to send out ASAP.  These photos show you a typical working day in my workshop:

Cutting felt for notebook covers:

Notebook cover pieces waiting to be embroidered and stitched together:

Ends to be finished before stitching together:

 Some finished notebooks:

Necklaces and bracelets being strung with felt beads:


By Wednesday night I had one order ready to be packed, it had to arrive at a gallery in England by the beginning of this next week so I labelled everything and packed it in the sitting room on the coffee table whilst watching Grand Designs out the corner of my eye.  (That was after the Arts and Crafts meeting where we sorted out the layout of the Clickmin centre hall where the craft fair will be held, trimmed invitations, folded posters, etc.)

Anyway, its a great feeling once orders have gone, and you hear they have arrived OK.  No time to sit back and relax though!

On Thursdays and Fridays I work as a Science Technician for Shetland's high schools, so we do a lot of travelling around Shetland.  This week we were in Yell (an island north of the mainland) moving chemicals and other equipment from the old school into the brand new school next door that is due to open later this week.  It is a lovely building and the pupils are really lucky to have such a fantastic facility in a beautiful setting to study in.

The highlight of my week though had to be on Friday morning when we were waiting for the ferry and we saw 3 otters rooting around the shore in full view just several metres from the car.  I am really annoyed I didn't have my camera, note to self - carry a camera at all times.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is still in a state of devastation, I am painting the unit doors and it is taking about 3 times the length of time I thought it would!  I feel as if I paint all day and don't get any further.  Anyway, I am nearly there and will hopefully get the kitchen table back soon (being used as a painting table).  I am liking the results, so that it the main thing and will post some pictures of the finished result when I get there!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

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