Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow on snow on snow

There seems to be no sign of the thaw, and while I love the snow and the beauty it brings I also feel sorry for the folk that are stuck in airports and are trying to travel for Christmas. 

When I was out earlier today with Tib the border collie, I took the camera, the colours were so beautiful and it was so still.  The photo above shows the mussel ropes at the bottom of the croft.

The stones on the dyke looked fluffy:

The long grass looks like tiny feathers:

I think the sheep must be getting fed up with this weather:

Other animals are having fun in this weather - we have seen otter tracks every day in the snow and we have seen tracks where the otters have been sledging!  The tracks below changed into the sledge tracks:

The otter sledged all the way down the hill through the fence and over the banks into the sea:

The wild rabbits must have had a dance party in our drive last night:

This is the view from the house - its lovely when it like this but also glad to be warm inside!


  1. What an utterly beautiful place to live. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Merry Christmas, Donna and family. See you 2011! Flights seem to be ok now - I mught just make it out of Heathrow! big hug xxx