Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Alternative Christmas Cards

I usually try to make my Christmas cards every year, even though that means I am always last minute when posting them. 

This year I got business cards printed at, punched a hole in one end, strung a red ribbon through and tied it in a knot so it can be hung up:

I borrowed a piece of festive-coloured fair-isle from Wendy of Burra Bears and took a photo of it (thanks Wendy!).  I then made this into an image for the front of the card and made another image with our message on it on the back, picking a colour from the fair-isle for the background colour.

They were very easy to make and it is something different, I'm sure you could think up many other variations!

I only posted them yesterday in tiny brown envelopes (I did say I was last minute) so any of you that normally gets a card from us, they are on their way!

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  1. Good idea - they look great :-). I have been epically disorganised with Christmas cards this year..