Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Products - Vintage Rose Brooch and Hairslide


Here is a sneaky peek at a couple of my new products that will be on sale at the Shetland Arts and Crafts Christmas Fair in 12th - 14th November.

Felt Vintage Rose Hairslide:

 Felt Vintage Rose Brooch:

The hairslide will retail at £4.95 and the brooch at £9.95, so they make ideal stocking fillers, and are light so are ideal for posting.  They will be available on my online shop before Christmas in time for those present orders or email me for details. 

I always try to have new products at the Craft Fair, its a good place to get feedback on new work, and it gives me a deadline to actually make the ideas that are rattling around my head.  It is always really busy in the run up to the fair making stock, organising the marketing of the fair - however, this year has been a particularly busy year with one thing and another, I think I am becoming a master of multi tasking - I am writing this blog while cooking the tea...

Meanwhile, earlier today the latest order of felt arrived (25metres) so I can finish the orders that are waiting.  Thankfully no-one saw me and the postie carrying this into the house - I thought it might look a bit suspicious!

Must go now and tie ribbons on Christmas decorations!


  1. Love the new products, very nice! And I'm impressed at the felt order - my first thought was 'flying carpet' rather than 'body' though!

  2. Thanks - glad you like the new things! The felt almost was "flying carpet" as my Dad and I carried it next door in a gale - was a bit of a struggle...!