Monday, 22 November 2010

Crafts sold, crafts bought

The Shetland Arts and Crafts Christmas fair last weekend went very well, I sold lots, met lots of people (got a sore throat from speaking!) and generally had a good time.

It always takes a while recovering from an event like this, putting all the display equipment away, sorting out orders and just generally getting back to normal; that's why I am a week late in writing this post!


I also managed to spend some money (it wasn't hard!), there is always such amazing work available at this show and I think it gets better every year.

1 & 2  Baby bib and Christmas decoration by Phatsheep Textiles.  Suzanne designs the fabric she uses to sew many items.  You can read about her work on her blog

3.  Christmas wreath by Jeanette Nowak.  This wreath has been made out of dockins (docks), I had to have it as I couldn't believe that something we consider to be ugly and a prolific weed (I have a never ending fight with them every summer) can be made into something so beautiful. 

4.  These gorgeous ceramic Christmas decorations were made by Kitt Mouat.  "Moorie Cavie" is a Shetland dialect phrase meanng blizzard.  Kitt doesn't have a website, but exhibits every year at the craft fair.

5.  Tablet by Boannie Isles.  I was glad to be across from the tablet stall but they were so busy I had to grab a few bags before they were sold out!  These sweet treats are handmade in Burra, the same Island I live on. 

6.  Cardigan by Neila Nell.  Neil makes striking contemporary knitted textiles.  I'm thinking I will make a denim dress to go under the cardigan, if I find a pattern I like.

For more information on the full members of the Shetland Arts and Crafts Association have a look at the website:

This weekend was the first time I hadn't been flat out making for a while so I spent Saturday shopping interspaced with the obligatory lunch and stop for tea, then headed North on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, not a breath of wind (unusual in Shetland!), the loch at Gunnister looked like a mirror.

It was hard to tell where the land stopped and the water started.

We also headed up to Eshaness

The rain was never very far away....

Shetland always has the ability to relax and inspire, now its back to normal work, getting out more orders.

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  1. I love Jeanette's wreath. Your stall looked fab, and it was great to see you again. The Shetland weather has been spectacular as always. I look forward to seeing the teacosies - when you have a mo!