Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sheep Models Felt Scarf

In the last post I said that the sheep in the photo was Moofie but on closer inspection, I noticed it was Woolly Broo.  Moofie had her own modelling experience a few years ago when I made handmade felt scarves, I came across the photo today and thought I would share it with you.

Although most of our sheep are pretty tame, it's not very easy using a sheep as a model, especially as there are so many other things to be interested in!


  1. great pictures :-D - did she try to eat it?

  2. Thanks for that Peeriemoot- no she was oblivious to the scarf as my Dad my holding a bucket of food so she was engrossed in that!

    Great name by the way - do you have Shetland connections?

  3. Originally from Sullom, at the high school '88-'90, friend of Sylvia's!