Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Peerie hooses and jumpers

In the last post I promised to write another on my new laser cut felt brooches, I have been so busy with craft fairs and orders that here I am a couple of months later and I haven't written a word until today.

The Peerie Hoose (little house in Shetland dialect) Brooches are inspired by the traditional croft houses and fishermans' cottages found though out Shetland like the houses pictured below that are a couple of minutes walk from my house. I love that time of day when it starts to get dark and yellow coloured lights flood out from windows, the hoose brooches have either yellow, orange or lime green felt as a background, reminiscent of a cosy interior.

Fair isle yoke jumpers and cardigans have been very much a tradition in Shetland knitwear for many years such as these ones pictured in  "The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, history, technique, color and patterns" by Anne Feitelson. 

 They are very much back in fashion at the moment and my jumper brooch pays homage to these garments.  Like the house brooches they are laser cut from 100% wool felt and I have added some wool stitches to the felt jumper to represent the yoke.
I remember having one when I was about 8 or 9 and I hated it.  It's funny how things come around.

The yoke jumper above is available as a kit from Jamieson and Smith.

The brooches can be purchased from my online shop at Not On The High Street


  1. I wear my peerie hoose brooch on my tweed coat every day to remind me of Shetland x

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