Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Organising, Exhibiting and Selling Online

Well, it really has been ages since I posted on here - I have been trying; a few months ago I thought I didn't have enough to say and then over the past couple of months I have been so busy I haven't had time, so I feel as if I have plunged right into work at the deep end.  So what have I been up to?

Trying to get organised

I am now back working at home and as Joseph is 14 months, walking and into everything, I have had to rearrange the house so I can work safely and out of reach......

I have cordoned off an area in the kitchen for a desk, my sewing machine, die cutter and other things, but the rest is spread around the house.....


Scarves are in the bedroom amongst cuddly toys and books.....

Mr Smith donated several of these screw boxes he wasn't using for all the felt shapes I use to make my brooches and hairslides. I don't know why I didn't think of that before, it keeps all the pieces in one place and I carry the box to another table if I want to work somewhere else. I suppose he got fed up with finding bits of felt stuck to his socks.

 Exhibition at Bonhoga Gallery

I currently have an installation at the Bonhoga exhbition, "Swap Box" as part of a joint show by the group Text-Isles, which is on until 4th November.  I took up a massive amount of my time, but I really enjoyed working on it and it has inspired me to knit more Shetland lace.  I will write more details about the show in the next post.

Selling Online

I am now selling a few products on Not On The High Street, you can see these on my pages:

I have decided not to sell through my own website, at the moment anyhow, as Not On The High Street is so easy to manage, a few clicks of the mouse and the customer receives all the right information. 
I also even have my own stickers with my name on it - makes me feel a bit professional!
Anyway, must dash - I have lots to do tonight as I am busy making stock for The Christmas Craft Fair in the Clickimin Centre on 9th-11th November and that will be here very quickly!

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  1. I love your furniture blockades lol. I know how difficult it is trying to work with a wee one pulling everything they can get their hands on! Well done on opening your NOTHS shop, it looks like you're having a fab year!x